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Kent Markley
Our Founder and God Apprentice
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Barb Faux - Our Den Mother
Absolutely no way we could have been as successful as we were without her.
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Bob Faux - Our Peerless Leader
This photo is a tribute to him. One of the hardest working men that I have ever worked with.
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Bob Faux - Our Peerless Leader
He has been at it for hours before we get to show time.
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Mark Spear - Bob's sidekick without whom we couldn't exist. I never saw him sleep because I was already asleep before he was.
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Diana Barliant (1946-2012)
My wife. Diana traveled with me/us for six of our 15 weeks on the road. She loved being able to talk to distributors.
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Her niece Beth who helped us in New York.
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Our group in my backyard at the San Diego Show