TradeNet Awards

We were among the Top 12 companies in our industry.

awards 00
The PPAI Awards honor the Top 12 companies in the industry.
awards 01
We started as a S1 and rose to S9. Impressive growth.
awards 02
Tom accepts our award.
awards 03
Tom and me.
awards 04
We receive the AZPPA (Arizona association) Supplier of the Year award.
awards 05
Brandon accepts our Supplier of the Year award from Frank Elliot the president of the PASS distributor group.
awards 06
Our peers acknowlege our success.
awards 07
We were a lightyear ahead of all other suppliers in the industry in website utilization. It ultimately turned into the best internet provider in the business.
awards 09
The Supplier Start is the highest award in our industry.
awards 10
We won it several times and should have won it every year in perpetuity.