2009 China 3 Rivers Gorge Riverboat

This is a long ride on the Yangzee River in a Russian built hydroplane local boat. We had a six hour tour, a heart stress test and a kung fu movie marathon.

It starts with a massive misunderstanding between us an the taxi drivers and almost ends on the steps of death.

That was a long day but a spectacular one

3R 00-09ChinaPerryTaxiNegotiation 07
Perry is negotiating a cab ride. It was very interesting.
This guy is carrying about 125 lbs of luggage.
3R 02-09China3GorgesBoatRide 07
In America it would be on a luggage cart.
3R 03-09China3GorgesBoatRide 05
This guy is carrying about 125 lbs of luggage.
Maria is packing a new jacket for $14 US.
It is a long way down and the tram isn't working.
Our Russian designed speed boat.
Surfer Bob gets ready for the trip.
3R 08-09China3GorgesBoatRide 54
This is as good as this will ever look, or at least it didn't look like this six hours later after the voyage.
You just gotta love lanterns.
Any question who made the boat?
We watched 4 kung fu movies. That is only 4 too many.
Lunch is served by real waitresses, or perhaps float attendents.
We didn't know that the boat had a snack bar so we brought our own.
The smoking section is right next to the biggest marine engine on the river.
"Hey Dad... I can't see." So we picked him up and showed him the sights.
Cooked to order egg fu young.
3R 16-09ChinaDongPingXi 2
This fellow was a university student who wanted to practice english with Maria and Perry. I made him hold Surfer Bob as a Thank You.
Scenery abounds.
Factories abound, too.
They are everywhere.
You see the occasional pagoda.
3R 20-09China3GorgesScenery 042
The scenery is a welcome relief from Kung Fu movies.
Lots and lots and lots of building going on.
220 feet of depth stick.
Make sure you build your house above the water line.
3R 23a-09China3Gorges 01
Small towns dot the river. Really small ones.
We're going fast enough to lose a hat.
Small craft abound on the river.
So do big tourist boats on a 4 day crusie.
3R 27-09China3Gorges 10
Barges are the most frequent riverboats we saw.
Little ones sleep where they drop.
Perry is half way there.
It is a long way up and the tram isn't working. Actually there is no tram.
He finally gets help. I finally call an ambulence.
Perry and a friend carry his 70 pound bag up the stairs.
Maria is too pooped to shop.
Our little one, however, is just fine.