Catalina with Barbara 2022

We took our first romantic weekend trip to one of the most romantic spots in Southern California, Catalina Island. Two nights of peace and quiet… no barking dogs or roommates. Great weather and fun activities. We rented a golf cart to take our bags to the hotel then cruised around the island. No photos from that activity but lots more to enjoy. So, enjoy!

The trip over and lunch photos:

Catalina1 001
The Catalina Express boat from Dana Point to Avalon.
Catalina1 002
Inside the boat.
Catalina1 003
The hotel we found on the internet.
Catalina1 004
Our unit.
Catalina1 005
More "Our Unit"
Catalina1 006
Our view.
Catalina1 007
Lunch on the pier.
Catalina1 008
The view from Lunch on the pier.

The Casino is the most famous building on the island and has a rich and interesting history. Here are some photos of the building and a video of our tour guide.

The Video

Catalina2 001
Get tour tickets on the internet. Lots of links to choose from. We decided to go see The Casino.
Catalina2 002
"Casino" may mean a small country villa, summerhouse, or social club.
Catalina2 003
This is the theater inside. Movies are still shown on weekends.
Catalina2 004
Lots of interesting decorations and paintings in the building.
Catalina2 005
Some of the big bands that played here.
Catalina2 006
CBS broadcast concerts live.
Catalina2 007
The bar has interesting decorations as well as furniture built on the island.
Catalina2 008
Just one pile of stuff being staged for the Jazz Festival coming in a few weeks.
Catalina2 009
Our tour group.
Catalina2 010
Getting ready for the Festival.
Catalina2 011
Imagine several thousand jazzers assembled in this room to hear music above the threshold of pain.

We took The Yellow Submarine Tour. 45 minutes of watching fish eat the food that can be shot out of a cannon. You can buy 4, 8 or 20 shots and feed the fish.

These photos are of various places on the island that we visited.

The Garibaldi is the bus that runs around the Avalon area. It is also the state fish of California. You can ride the bus for $4 or $10 for all day. You can't ride the fish.
This is the walk to the Wrigley Memorial. Once you get there you will be tired.
Then you get to climb lots of stairs to get to the top. We didn't.
On the way back there is a nice nature garden to wander.
Cool t-shirts.
We are having breakfast at Jacks.
Look close and you'll see me, too.
Yep.. Good advice.
Waiting for the boat to return to real life. Shoot.