Formal Dinner August 13, 2022

We have a dinner group that has had several nights where we all wore formal attire. Our first was seven people. This one had 24. While the pictures tell the story, when Maria and I throw a party, everybody rides the bus and gets dragged into whatever weirdness we have concocted.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we had doing it.

formal081322 01
24 of our family and friends gathered at The University Club for dinner.
formal081322 02
Since this was a Maria and Nowell event champagne was involved.
formal081322 03
Does the phrase "Let's get this party started!" surprise you?
formal081322 05
The University Club really knows how to stage an event.
formal081322 06
The menus were personalized for each of us.
formal081322 08
Maria and I welcome the group and toast Brian Lee and the staff.
formal081322 07
Brian Lee is the Managing Director and his leadership and staff won Club of the Year for 2021. This is a major award and this dinner highlights why.
formal081322 09
Let's get to it.
formal081322 10
One reason for venue is the unsurpassed view of San Diego.
formal081322 49
The bus is right around the corner
formal081322 47
Every good bus ride has a return.
formal081322 50
And champagne is present.
formal081322 51
A good time was had by all.