I have taken photographs since I was 7. Some of it is even good and interesting. This page displays some of them.

0111 Peacock
This is from the Columbia South Carolina Zoo. Bruce and I visited there in 2011 and I took seven iconic NCW images there.
My dad worked at Edgewater Hospital and I ate at this hot dog stand three Saturday's a month. Then it burned down.
0611 MerrimanYellow
From Merriman's Restaurant in Waimea Big Island Hawaii.
08ART LongIslandSoundLighthouse 1
We took the ferry from Connecticut to Long Island. The light was really nice.
0911 Leaves
Diana and I visited Williamsburg for a weekend. She was shopping in every shop and I photographed this.
11BNEA nashville BettyDunnFalls 004-as-Smart-Object-1
During the BNEAdventure in Nashville we took a walk in the rain at two different nature centers. This is from Betty Dunn Falls.
11BNEA nashville burgessfalls 115
Burgess Falls, however, provided the best images of the trip.
11BNEA nashville burgessfalls 151-as-Smart-Object-1
I used several on my 2011 and 2012 calendars.
11BNEA nashville burgessfalls 158-as-Smart-Object-1
Burgess Falls
11BNEA nashville burgessfalls 163-as-Smart-Object-1
Burgess Falls
11BNEA nashville burgessfalls 172-as-Smart-Object-1
Burgess Falls
11BNEA nashville burgessfalls 175-as-Smart-Object-1
Burgess Falls
ART 08PumkinsThaiRestaurant 1
On the way to my daughters place in Berkeley.
ART AdriondakLeaf1 1
I have always had a weakness for leafs.
ART Flag 1
Flags, too.
ART HawaiiCemetary1
This cemetery was on the way my friends place past Hawi, Big Island Hawaii.
ART HawaiiCemetaryBW1
This was my black and white treatment.
ART HenryFordMuseumUrinals1
This is a straight photo. Not a single photoshop trick. Couldn't resist. Yellow is one of my favorite colors.
ART PinkFlowerLibertyStation1
I have done almost 100 flower images in the last 50 years. I started doing black and white conversions for effect.
ART PinkFlowerLibertyStation2
A workprint.
ART Pumpkin01
This is the source photo for the next two treatments.
CAL2013-01-ART YellowYborCity2
Ya think I like red and yellow?
Love yellow.
Remember me?
CAL2013-04-ART HyattDaisy02
This is one of my favorite photos. Yellow sun flowers.
CAL2013-07-ARTV Butterfly2b
The treatment also works with Yellow butterflies.
I called this "forcing the viewers attention to what caught my attention.
A sunset from Ocean Beach.
Trap and skeet targets.
diner D209281
I found this taking a stroll to avoid shopping with my wife and her friend.
Flag done in an attempt at art conversion filters in Photoshop.
IMG 0112
This is a source print for a future POV treatment.
IMG 203
I just cannot think of a better way to end a photo display than a rainbow. Thanks for visiting.
Another one.