I met Daryl through Ed Silverstein in 1987. We soon discovered that our points of connection were guns and cigars. Also Warren Zevon’s “Lawyers, Guns and Money.” Daryl was my best friend who shared those two pursuits. Over the next 36 years he taught me how to shoot trap and skeet. We attended numerous meets in California and in Arizona particularly after he moved there in 2000.


He was one of my mentors. He taught me humor, something he reveled in as one of the most pithy people I’ve been privy to know. As the head of a Navy Legal Department how he distinguished himself is best illustrated by these two events. He had a fondness for funny ties and sparkle socks. In a meeting negotiating contracts for the San Diego Naval Hospital rebuilding the Captain in charge said, “XO, is counsel wearing a Three Stooges tie?” Answering, the XO said “Yes sir, he is.”

In another meeting, when the Navy took a singular position on a proposal, Daryl leaned forward and banged his head repeatedly on the conference table.

My Shooting Buddy

Daryl taught me how to shoot a shotgun. We went to the range and he let me shoot a 12 gouge marine shotgun. I had a contusion tI bought my own shotgun with a recoil reducer and I became as enthusiastic has he. I visited him in Arizona nearly once a month and we shot trap, skeet, rifles and pistols.

My Cigar Buddy

Every visit to the range ended at the cigar lounge .

My Hot Dog and Slider and Chino Bandido Buddy

Lunch was either at the Chicago hot dog restaurant or the Chino Bandido which was recommend by Bruce.

My Daryl and Vivi Buddy

There was never just a “Daryl”. It was always “Daryl and Vivi”, They were “The Dawson’s”. They were one of the marriages I admired.

My Daisy and Cuttie Buddy

Daisy was his Black Labrador companion for a decade. Daisy took him on a walk on the golf course early every morning to get exercise and throw tennis balls. When she died he was cast adrift. He tried to get another Lab but Covid hit and there were no dogs to be had. He put his name on aq list and got a cat.