Thanksgiving 2002 was an eventful time in our family. It starts on Thursday with Aaron coming into my office to ask if he can ask me a question. After a little hemming and hawing, he gets around to asking me if he can marry my daughter. I ask him what she thinks and he says that she doesn’t know yet. 

Needless to say, I’m delighted to have such a fine fellow interested in my daughter. So of course I say “Yippee!!”… no, I said “Sure!”

Next thing I know, Neen and Sharon (Aaron’s mom) come back from terrorist yoga and he takes her down to the beach and proposes. He gives her a ring, too! (I still say, “Yippee!!”)

They met in college about five years ago in a Hebrew class. There is some disagreement as to who saw whom first but they agree that that was the beginning. They lived a block from each other for three years and when Jeannine graduated, they moved in together in Aarons postage-stamp sized apartment in San Francisco. Last year they got a bigger apartment and bought a car together. 

Aaron is a fine young man. He was one of the only applicants who passed the California CPA exam on the first try, which, I’m told, is quite a feat. While we might like to work on him a little because he is very, very quiet, he does seem to be able to hold his own in our family. (He gave me “Anti Bull Shit” pills for my birthday.) He will do fine around us. I took him shooting three times this weekend and he didn’t do badly.  

Diana and I could not be happier. Neither could Sharon, Aarons’ mom. (But of course… she is getting a Wisch Girl. What could be finer than that?!)