Photo Equipment Gear Vest Version 3- December 15, 2007
(Design Patent and Copyright Applicants: Nowell C. Wisch and Perry M. Jacobs)

Version 3 incorporates some significant changes:

1) we have made the four lens pockets large enough to hold big zooms upright with the lens hood attached.
2) the new fabric is 1/2 lighter weight but stronger and more moisture resistant.
3) a zipper closing memory card pocket has been added to the outside right panel. 
4) velcro cinch straps have been added to the back to snug up the fit.
5) the arm holes have been made bigger to allow removing the vest without so much effort.

Photos (click to enlarge):

We will change this epaulette to a more secure style. 

Sitting with a loaded vest.

Kneeling with a loaded vest.

Thinking of a monopod support pouch.

Pockets hold up to 80-400 Nikon VR with lens hood attached.

4 pockets for lenses.

Filter and lens cap pouch may need to be made larger.

Battery and Media pocket holds a lot of cards and batteries.

Large diameter lens hoods fit well.

Ideas for upgrades for Version 4:

From Jeff Rich:
1) redesign camera strap device
2) use bright color interior pocket fabric
3) redesign and incorporate smaller lens pouches
4) waterproof and secure lens pouches
5) add D ring to filter pouch and enlarge
6) add plane ticket pocket
7) add bluetooth headset pocket
8) put buckles on epaulettes
9) use industrial velcro

 Walter_Kimmel has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Photo Gear Vest design input needed - in the Open Photography Discussion forum of Pro Photo HOME.

Something that has not yet been mentioned, which I consider essential in a vest:  a dense foam pad on the right shoulder, or possibly on both shoulders, placed so that a tripod with attached 500mm lens can be carried on the shoulder without destroying the collarbone.  Even if it were sold as an accessory, attached by super Velcro or zipped into a pocket.

There used to be a vest mentioned on the Birds As Art website that had such a shoulder pad.  Anybody who carries a tripod and lens/camera combo on their shoulder would appreciate such a vest.