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These were my words at the beginning of January. Now I can show pictures but I should eat my words, right?

She is probably cute but I wouldn't know because I haven't seen the sonogram yet. 

Rest assured that we will have photos here as soon as there are photos to take. 

She is due March 28, two oh oh three.


Sono1.jpg (23362 bytes)
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This was the first sonogram. She is pretty small, but cute!

("On any sonogram you can tell it's a baby.
On a Mitsubishi, you can tell it's a girl!")

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This is the latest sonogram. She is getting pretty big. 

So is mom. It's almost time to get ready for moving day.

Still March 28, 2003

Rach012903.jpg (45680 bytes)
Baby on Board
Alex012903.jpg (44855 bytes)
Sister on Board
Jsono1.jpg (34108 bytes)

No, this is not a photo of my new grandchild. It is a ... oh, hell, there is just no explanation for this travesty.

    uglykid.jpg (12106 bytes)
This is not a representation of what my granddaughter will look like. It is a cruel joke perpetrated by Janita. 

Rachael, Damian and Alex's New Baby's Name story

Rachael told us several months ago that she was preggers again.  While we love Alex dearly, we were clearly hoping for a girl baby. There was no way to influence things and I don't believe that god listens to self-serving prayer, so we could only hope that fate would intervene. 

After a week or so, she told us she was due at the end of March and the coinkeydinks began to pile up. After all, she was due on March 28th. Her Mom's (and Diana's) birthday was (is) March 26th, my dad's was March 27th and thus we were hoping for a girl baby. 

She had the sonogram late in November and lo and behold, there was no dangler visible, thus the conclusion that she is having a girl. 

Thus the name, Ashley Marlene Davila. 

We are very pleased and will be especially pleased if the baby is two days early. 



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