NSA Showcase 2004

The NSA Showcase is my home away from home. Sometimes I think that San Diego is my home away from NSA! These are my colleagues and friends. The captions will not mean much to most people but trust me, my friends will get it! 2004 is my 4th year with the group and I'm finally living up to my reputation. 

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

The Liberty Girls get wild and crazy.
BarbLibeerty.jpg (41633 bytes)
We have worse pictures of Barb than this, but not much.
LisaLiberty.jpg (37479 bytes)
One would have thought that Lisa might have more sense than to get caught up on Barb's desire to wear funny hats but, well, nooooo.
BarbDart2.jpg (49724 bytes)  BarbDart1.jpg (51789 bytes)  BarbDance1.jpg (43617 bytes)
This sequence is Barb showing her world class form in the Olympic Three Inch Dart Toss Event. Notice the form... notice the grace... notice how I'm staying out of the way of the magnetic darts because I know that she will hurt me when she sees her grace and form on the Internet. Ah, screw it... it's still a hoot!
KLarsonAnniv3.jpg (57136 bytes)
You know that nothing good can come from Bob and Barb calling a meeting on Tuesday.
KLarsonAnniv5.jpg (53769 bytes)
When you add RebMax to the meeting mix, you know that nobody is going to be embarrassed. 
KLarsonAnniv2.jpg (47713 bytes)
Today's victim is Kay Larson who is celebrating her 25th Wedding Anniversary. 
KLarsonAnniv4.jpg (54997 bytes)
Of course, Mike is in Wisconsin so we have to get Kay drunk. That's why she is getting the big bottle from Steve.
KLarsonAnniv1.jpg (47385 bytes)
Kay's happy for reasons that we can only suspect.
Cake2.jpg (37451 bytes)
Steve is moving so fast with this cake that he has created a time warp.
OpenCake1.jpg (34383 bytes)
Ring leaders Steve and Sue try to pull the top off of the cake.
KlarsonCake.jpg (42820 bytes)
If you know Kay and Mike, you will understand that this is the perfect cake. Mike gets a DeWalt tool car and Kay gets a Viagra car. Sort of a power tools theme, dontchathink?
RingLeader1.jpg (41369 bytes)
You would never know that Steve is the cause of most of the problems we sane and sober ones experience. 
SueSteve1.jpg (41868 bytes)
Here he has recruited another Minnesotan to his nefarious clandestine activities.
WhosLucky1.jpg (36117 bytes)
Someone is getting lucky here but we don't know which one. However, they are both smiling.
GaryShoes.jpg (62656 bytes)
Will wear funny shoes for food.


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