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   I travel the world (well, ok, just the United States) with a fine group of people who have the same weird life as I. Since I often speak of them, here are some photos of the group. This is my home away from home and these are pictures of my friends in action.

    Many of the captions contain inside jokes that may perplex you. If you don't get it then it wasn't intended for your edification. You may call or email me for an explanation. nowell@barliantwisch.com 


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Click here to see the 2003 photos
There are a lot of photos from 2003. The subjects include:

Bob Faux doing the hula, Steve Meyer and the Traveling Cooks - Lisa Parker and great buns - Maxwell and Dave - Mark in the truck - Larry and Reg wearing funny hats - Teresa Land's birthday - Larry and Carol - Bob McDowell and the Mask - Kent and Bob eating popcorn - Dave's flame shirt - Lisa Frey and the new chest - Kent Markley and Thresa and the famous cup - Gary from Ad Bag - Ray Mancari - Rebecca Maxwell - Steve Green - Jay Gordon - Phena Demyon - Peter Minot -


Click here to see 2007 photos from NSA

Click here to see 2007 photos from ASI by Rebecca Maxwell

2003 Travel Year

Page 1
Photos of our group in action

Page 2
Photos of our group in other people's clothes and bodies.

Page 3
Events and embarrassing moments

2004 Travel Year


2005 Travel Year

General Photos

Week 5
Louisville to Milwaukee

Week 6 and 7
Richmond to Buffalo

Week 10
Minneapolis - St Louis

Week 11
Wichita - St. Louis

Week 15
California- Hawaii



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