Bruce and I have been taking road trips since 1986 or so. While Bruce writes everything down and keeps important documents for years. I don't do as good a job, but I have lots of photos. Of course, I also have the website and a bad memory. Some of these trips ocurred at a different time than I think but the date isn't as important as the photos.

Since we have been doing this for twenty years, some trips are better than others. I recommend the Portland trip if you only get to view one page. It is the standout. Every one is a winner, however, so don't be bashful... view them all. Keep them, save them, trade them with your friends.


Royal George




Farm Aid Concert - Iowa

1994 1995

Santa Anita Race Track



Recording the CD


January 3 - San Diego

March 31 - San Diego with Jan

June 27 - Santa Barbara

October 11 - Dallas


February 27 - San Diego

August 12 - Knoxville with Bob Luedeka


April 1 - San Diego

September 30 - Reno


March 3 - Memphis

May 25 - San Diego

September 28 - Boston


February 28 - South Carolina

September 4 - Cincinnati


March - South Carolina







February - Georgia

August - Oklahoma City

October - New York City



February - Houston

August - Kansas


February 21-24- Florida West Coast

August - Maryland and Delaware



Bruce and I take Road Trips when we can, to places unknown. Well, not unknown, just unknown to us. Bruce creates the itinerary and I do the driving. These are some of the places we've gone.

Each city gets its own page, with sub-pages thrown in when necessary. 

While Portland occurs first, it shouldn't be up on the list. We have been doing this for more than twenty years but only four years ago did I figure out how to put our stuff on the Internet! I'll post pages for some of our more memorable trips to places like Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, SC and Washington State, where we made our first movie. 

Be sure to check out the Lighthouse link in the Portland page and be absolutely sure you check out the Kayak Kids page. Besides featuring my first animated GIF's, they just contain some really amazing pictures. Astounding, even. So, click away... we'll make more.


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