The New York and Richmond Series - 2005

This is the first series to incorporate grayscale (B&W) images with spot color. I used to see this technique on some greeting cards with kids and stumbled on how they did it. This was my first attempt. It came out pretty well.

( These images are extensively altered in Photoshop, using some modification filters from Kodak Digital, notably, Digital SHO and Digital GEM, as well as Test Strip from Vivid Details. The original image is washed using these filters and becomes almost impressionist in nature. Remember that the image you are viewing is a low rez JPG. If you want a copy of the hi rez TIF, email me and I'll send it to you.)

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Niagara Falls Park

Niagara Falls Park

An Old Saybrook Girl Scout.

An Old Saybrook shop.

An Old Saybrook New York cafe.
Richmond has one of the finest arboretum's we have visited. The people are very nice and the exhibits are wonderful. Also, it is not too cold in the rain.

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