What it takes

While composing the Antonio Aprea page, I started thinking that few understand what goes into creating my flower greeting card collection and why I am as excited to have a Campodimento flower arrangement from a true artist.

These are the steps that go into creating a Wisching You The Very Best original:

An original image with the treatment.
The Steps Involved

1) Select an Original image and save it as a Photoshop PSD file in Photoshop.

Create a layer and apply the DxO Film Pack Black and White effect.

Decide what part of the image should be in color and start erasing the Black & White layer over that area.

See the image develop.

Go in with a high magnification and hand erase around the edges.

Start to see the overall effect.

Add sharpness to the base color layer.

Keep going until you finish. This can take more than 100 steps and several hours or days.

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