CNWRR on May 27, 2007

After 7 years, the track is finally finished. Yep... all the track sidings and yards are powered and will run trains. Just in time for my 57th birthday. Finally. Yep, done, done, done.

Now the real work begins. The plan is to start at the corner of Wisch Mountain and work Southeast toward the Gun Club. At the rate we're proceeding, we should be done on my birthday in 2011. Well, maybe 2012. Well, then again...

Loco with Sound


Alex points out the features of the layout and demos the system.


Mike Marois watches what Alex does. Barry isn't hiding... he is looking at the view from my house on Wisch Mountain.

So does Joe and Seren Huston.

Also, Brian, Don and Tom.

This is the Marine Reserve Tank and Helicopter Squadron.

A view toward the Southwest. The houses on the ridge may not last.

A long view down the crossing track. The freight yard is to the left.

The northwest toward the coal yard. The construction crew is building the road up to the mountain.

The long view from the northeast corner. We are going to fill in the lake and make it an amusement park. Since the river will run past it we will call it Riverview. (How about that, Chicagoans!)

The southern view.

The railroad hotel and passenger station area.

The crossing track and bridges.

The industrial spur with the TradeNet building.

My company, TradeNet, in the future.

The abandoned farm house off the cattle yard spur. While nothing runs like a Deere, this one doesn't run, dear.

The future cattle yard.

The yellow passenger car is Alex's Diner. When he was little, Alex made a lot of cars into diner's.

Our future town.

The 7-11 store. Slurpee, anyone?

Snake Ridge separates the coal yard from the town.

Our coal yard has 5 working tracks. Engine 1525 is our little yard switcher hard at work.

Our house on Wisch Mountain.

Now that Jeannine and Aaron are going to have grandchildren they get their own house.

The Davila Family Castle on Wisch Mountain.

The long view of Wisch Mountain.

Another view of our house. Since we are the grandparents and parents, we get the big house with the best view and the pool.

The tunnel under Wisch Mountain.

The back view of the coal yard.

The construction crew building the road up to Wisch Mountain.

The main lines just beyond Wisch Mountain tunnel.

UP 999 pulling a passenger train on the inside main line.

The edge of the Reserve Center.

SD-40 #6922 delivers two new tanks to the USMCR 4th Tank Battalion Reserve Center.

The Reserve Center.

Photos of 6922 in action:

Clinton IA 1981

Under UP colors


Side view of the Center.

The crossing track and industrial district.

The future 6 bay round house and the now motorized and working turntable.

SP 6004 is one of our sound equipped locos.

A USRA Heavy Mikado Engine 431 is our C&NW steamer with tender.

Dash 9 #8717


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