Printing Industry in San Diego

As was the case in the 1980's, I followed Marie Kuypers around the country. When she moved, I moved. She got me my first big time job and many other things. I worked for Dave and Linda Taylor at Spectrum Printing and they were two of the mentors I most attribute for my success in life thereafter.

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PIA San Diego Golf Tournament

I don't remember this day at all. However, I know I was there because I have the photos. Some of the people are people I worked with and some I don't remember. However, we were all younger, thinner and many of us had more hair.

Spectrum Printing
I interviewed with Dave Taylor sometime in September, 1984. I was working for Marty Ellis in LA and it was a refreshing change. Dave was as moral as Marty was a snake. He hired me to start on November 4th after the show was over and I started as the Sales Manager of Spectrum Printing. What a ride it was! Dave is fearless and willing to try just about anything that is not immoral or illegal. We had a lot of fun for a year and a half.

One of the best printing companies I've ever worked for. These folks made us look good.

I had my 35th birthday at Spectrum and they got me a singing telegram. I got Dave on his 50th birthday with a stripper and Wonder Woman was my reward.

(God, was I ever that thin?)


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