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1970 was a decade of change. I started off by getting married in November of 1970, having a daughter in 1976 and 1979, starting off my business career and building my family.

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1970 Pages

Carol Costello. Paramour and wife of Don Costello. This is probably in 1975.

Anne Rowley. If you know that Rachael's middle name is Anne, this is the Anne from which the Anne came.

I can't remember the kids name but she is the daughter of Anne's friend Peg.

From 1975, at the Kempton Estate in Birdland. I had a photo studio in the garage.

This is what my van looked like after the drive home during the Great Blizzard of 1979.

I buried the thing in three feet of snow after driving home with my leg in a cast.

The scene outside the Shermer Avenue townhouse where we lived. Later in the week, we had a three foot snow bank form outside our door. Rachael crawled out  into the snow and we found her by watching the snow drop behind her.

The two truck came and pulled the van out and took it to the shop for repairs.

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