Warren Kirsch on TV

Perhaps the most amazing demonstration of attention getting performed in the world occurred when I pulled a .357 Magnum on Warren Kirsch. He was discussing his fund raising ideas for the California Clean-up Games, an educational program he developed to help kids become more aware of their impact on the environment. It seemed that big investors just didn't get the point that without intervention, school students may turn to crime to get what they want. (To me, the problem was one of viscerally understanding fear when a kid with no other option pulls a gun on you at the ATM.) 

I was trying to get the old behavior management idea across that "if you want the mule to pull the wagon, you first have to get his attention and the best way to do that with a mule is to hit him in the head with a board."

After mulling it over for a while (because Warren is an intelligent and urbane man) I went to the gun safe and got the biggest handgun I own to make the point. (I had to chose between the .45 auto, which is certainly impressive, and the .357 and decided on the revolver. There is just something about staring down four cylinders and that big diameter barrel that makes you scared and nervous.) I sat back down and waited for him to finish a thought and then pulled the gun and, without warning, aimed it directly at this left eye. Needless to say, Warren got the point.

Warren went on to Nebraska and started a company that makes stuff out of wheat resin, something I didn't even know existed. You can learn a lot more about it from the clip I posted on You Tube.

Click here to see the video on Modern Marvels!

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