The SAAC 2008 San Diego Holiday Party

I'm not really sure who the brains behind this idea were but we are saying it was Brad Shuman and Drake Harrison. It doesn't matter. Jodi Freedman donated her house, a bunch of suppliers donated the money and 50 people had food and fun as you can see from the photos. Thanks, everybody who came and contributed. It was a real classical gas.

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The group photo. We all look like we're having the fun we were having.

This is what $400 bucks of BarBQue House (Ocean Beach) food looks like before the guests arrive. The food was really great!

Rachael and JoAnn & Jodi's Mom doing something vital to the process.

The first guests arrive in the shuttle from the parking lot.

It was a really nice night.

Ivory before Ebony.

Ebony and Ivory tinkle the ivories.

Rachael Davila, the invitations coordinator and designer, with some guy who came to eat food.

Our hostess with her trusty sidekicks.



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