The Great 2008 Seder Caper

Rachael and Damian gave the Seder to end all Seders (with the possible exception of the Last Supper). 30... yep, count 'em, 30 attendees with a huge helping of children having way too much fun, if you ask me. (Children should be forced to spend four hours sitting in a chair with nothing to do but hope that dinner (on page 60) will arrive before they die from hunger.)

We have movies and stills. Great stuff!

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Movies of the Seder (need QuickTime? Click Here)


Gotta Sing

The Bag 'O Plagues

Bag "O Plagues 2

Bag "O Plagues 3

One big difference between a Seder at Aunt Claire's and the Davila's is that the kids have a place to play and a reason to play.

Star did a Bag 'O Plagues. this was a very cool idea. The movies show how it was used. (Today's  generation has much cooler Seder's than we had when I was a kid and as an adult. Now that I'm a  a Grandpa, I get to watch others work and conduct themselves.)

A childs guide to Plagues.

We even have customized Hagaddah's now.

The only way to host 30 people in San Diego in April is to do it on the patio. We didn't have a kids table... we interspersed the children into the general population. It was a better idea that concentrating them in another room and threatening them with death or dismemberment if they were noisy.

I can't imagine why kids would rather run around the yard throwing things at each other instead of sitting quietly in a crowded, hot apartment full of priceless sculpture and breakables like we did as kids.

Even the Christians among us get to read passages and tell the story.

Star does a lot of Plaguejurizing.

The Plague of Darkness... Shoot... we gotta let these people go.

The Plague of Boils, man... we got boils. Shoot... gotta let those people go.

"Mommy... this is some wicked hot horseradish." And it was...everybody got tears in their eyes from it. Boy, slavery was bitter, wasn't it?

My darling daughter, the leader of the band.



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