Hawaii in 2008 with Perry and Maria
October 4-11

We really didn't do a typical Hawaiian vacation in the sense that we didn't fill every day with an activity plan that would kill an average human. We took it really slow and didn't go on helicopter rides, snorkel boats, volcano trips, etc. We snorkeled almost every day at a few local beaches and it was really cool. Much more fun than we normally have and way, way cheaper.

Here are some of the snorkel adventures we did:

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Heading into the water. I'm already there.

Damn... we look pretty trick, dontchathink? (I'm the Shamu looking one on the right.)

Frank (right) tells Perry where to go. Lots of people tell Perry where to go. Even me, sometimes. Even Maria, more than me.

PMJ Photo. All the best ones are.

PMJ with a telephoto lens from thirty-five feet away.

Perry stands on his head underwater. I can't even put my head under water.


A clam by anyother name is a PMJ clam.

Perry got this coral shot for Maria. She's a purple kinda gal.

Perry and the undersea dwellers.

These cool urchins were around the rocks at P_Bay.

The turtle took this photo of Perry from almost thirty feet.

Maria knows how much I like schools of fish. This is the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All they do is puncture. They are not accu.

It is just amazing how the telephoto lens makes the apparent distance between turtle and human seem so close. 35 feet was a long way away.

This is recess. They go run around in circles. The leave the needles at home.

Boy, Perry takes "going down" to a new depth.


PMJ photo.

Someday there will be a story about getting too close to the turtle who turned left. Not today, however. There's a law against stupidity.

Don't get too close to them. They are protected by Sarah Palin and a speargun toting mob.

There are a quarter-ton of turtles in A-Bay, our "home port".

Bad visibility but peaceful.

I spent a day at Hanauma Bay alone with the fish.

Gosh... this even scared the poop outa me! Sorry.

Our undersea adventurer surfaces.

Perry in fine form.

This is the best turtle photo we got. Considering that the visibility sucked and we were about 30 feet away using a telephoto lens, it's great!

A turtle in the distance.



We have some movies of the turtles and the reef.

(Click here to download the QuickTime Movie Viewer)

Perry and the Turtle Part 1

Perry and the Turtle Part 2

Perry and the Turtle Part 3

The Reef Part 1

The Reef Part 2

The Reef Part 3


Kim Sweeney and the Keck Observatory

A trip to Hawaii wouldn't be complete without a visit with Kim and Olga Sweeney. We spent an evening with them at a fine restaurant in Hawi (the town that the Ironman turns around in for the last half of the bike ride). A few days later we went to visit Kim at the Keck Admin building where he works. We got the tour. Perry was impressed. We went to dinner at a very nice restaurant with live music behind the food. The photos include pictures of the group as well as the Keck tour.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Our only group photo from the trip. I think we look teriffic!

Kim checks a poster for tomorrow's open house.

Kim taught me the value of dual monitors when working with Photoshop. He also showed me the rubber stamp tool.

This is the observation room for the telescope.

This is the desk that astronomers view the stars from.

This is the video link to the telescope controller who sits up on the mountain. We are in the little screen at the bottom right.

Kim is pointing to his house, which is not visible from space.

DJ and Kim take a break from the action.


Other photos in no particular order of no particular thing.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

This photo show can be viewed by clicking on the little arrows and then the photo.

Honolulu at night from the 19th floor of the hotel.

DJ at rest.

DJ at Keos restaurant in Waikiki. Our favorite restaurant in Honolulu.

Chillin' in the pool.

The girls in the car while Perry skulks around a cemetary.

See? There he is at the cemetary.

Waikiki beach.

Waikiki water.

The camera used for the other photos.

The Ironman Triathalon was Saturday. These participants were carbo loading in a way that I understand.

This is an example of Photomatrix HDR program. There is a page about it off the home page.

A-Bay is a mile from our hotel. It is a very nice place to snorkel.

Perry really cooks up a storm.

A Punch Rare Corojo from Kim and Ke on a nice Honolulu day.

Sunset at the Hilton lagoon.

Self explanatory.



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