The Burk family visits San Diego

You have to figure that when you're standing in the Los Angeles commuter terminal catching the last flight to San Diego on a Saturday evening, and your luggage is nowhere to be found, and you have been traveling for almost 24 hours (gee, might make a good title for a TV show dontchathink?) that you would be cranky and difficult.

However, if you were the Burk family, you wouldn't. They were tired and probably a little disgusted with AA but they were gracious and in good spirits and the children were as good as children can be under the best of circumstances. Thomas and Emma were real troupers.

We started a conversation and learned that they were coming to San Diego for a convention and a vacation and that they had never before been to our fair city. Since they had "English" accents, we didn't find that surprising but when they started to talk about Sea World, we had a point in common... Joe Huston. (He works at Sea World.)

Jonathan and I traded business cards and I offered to speak to Joe and see if I could get them something special. Well, nothing special happened but we did go to Sea World and later that day I took them to Hodads for a burger. (Well, not just any burger but the BEST BURGER IN THE WESTERN WORLD! No kidding! There are 38,400 cites on Google for "Hodads" and several really excellent reviews of this famous Ocean Beach eatery.) (Thomas, click here to see the movie of my grandchildren  in the famous van!)

They are very nice people and I can understand their accent. Here are a few photos of their visit.

(p.s. Thanks for dinner and churros, Helen and Jonathan.)

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Helen, Thomas, Jonathan and Emma in the famous Hodads van.

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Other great Van Moments:

Alex and Ashley


Helen and the kids at the flamingo walk.

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The kids quaffing popcorn in the dolphin show stands.

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What San Diego visit would be complete without a dip in the Pacific Ocean even when you're tired?!

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I haven't wow'd them yet. (Actually, Hodads hasn't wow'd them yet, but that will change!)

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The Sea World Photos

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