4th of July & Fireworks

I promise that the fireworks will come but for now you get the photos from the USS Midway's 4th of July Celebration. We celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary with Toni and Allan, and Nancy. Oh, yeah, a few thousand others but who's counting.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

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Allan catches up on email as we wait. The girls were collecting blinky lights for the kids.

Part of the group who we invited to watch fireworks with us.

Just a portion of the crowd that came out to celebrate our Anniversary.

These folks were from North Dakota.

The Midway parking lot was a great place to watch from.

There were hundreds of boats in the harbor. The fireworks barge was to the center right all alone.

Day or night, San Diego looks great. Add thousands of people who want to watch fireworks and you get a better picture.

They keep the Declaration of Independence in a sealed display case. You can get pretty close to it.

The Declaration of Independence was a limited edition of about 20 copies. This was one that was found on the back of a painting someone bought.

The Whole Gang after the fireworks. I'm behind the camera. Just turn around and you'll see me.


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