Stormy Weather, oh, balls... I mean, baseballs.
May 30, 2007

Wow... talk about being conflicted... I really don't know what to name this page. It started out as a regular page and morphed into something else. For starters, Joe invited me to join him and a few friends for a Lake Elsinore Storm baseball game. I don't go to ball games unless it is with Joe because I really don' t give a shit about baseball... or any kind of ball for that matter.

But Joe is a lot of fun and now that he has a new heart he is more fun than ever. (I guess getting a new lease on life will do that for you. I' m incurable so that's why I'm still such a little shit.) Joe didn't tell me that he was bringing others until it was too late. I found one of them wandering around lost in a parking lot and the other was stuck in traffic. (Yeah, sure... that's what they all say.)

Anyway, we went to the game and razzed Herm a lot. Don Jones is the newest addition to the group. He possesses a number of valuable traits. Among them, he laughs when we screw with Herm's head. Why? Well frankly, I'm not at liberty to say.

Here are the photos from the game. A good time was had by all and if they deny it, they're lying.

Sure am glad we didn't have to use the Will Call Window.

I can never get this into the game.

Herm is remembering who drove the Bentley. We know, but frankly, we are not at liberty to say.

Da Boyz.

Don's only fault is that he doesn't know the difference between baseball and football fan garb.

You've got to be a serious sports fan to pee around here.

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