San Diego Jewish Film Festival
February 8-18, 2007

The 17th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival kicked off on the 8th with a rousing opening night party sponsored by our very favorite party planner, Diana, who happens to be the Barliant in BarliantWisch of website fame. The event is a major Festival and frankly, after speaking to some of the artists who dropped in, is really well done by the staff. Some said it was the best Festival they attend and they tell their friends.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The Kickoff Reception

Thank goodness that there was no kickoff dinner this year since Diana had to do the job. A reception is a lot of work but she did a spectacular job. A good time was had by all. It was held at the theater after the opening night performance.

The space before the transformation.

Without Eve and Mick, I wouldn't have had a snowball's chance in the Negev getting the slideshow running. Thanks, kids... I really appreciate your efforts. Hopefully the SDJFF people do, too.

Not satisfied with a crushing workload, Sandra adds a cute broken shoulder to the job.
(It may be an acute broken shoulder but since it's Sandra's it's pretty cute... too.)

Photographer with broken foot and Party Planner


San Diego Jewish Academy

Two of the film makers visit the SDJA to speak to the students and show a moment of clips of their work.

Lunch at the Harrison's

The Last Supper of the Festival was a packed event. Great food, wonderful surroundings and good company are an unbeatable combination.

Whodathought that Phyllis would look good in mitts?! Stylish, as usual.

Trust me on this... nothing would have gone right without these two. Thanks, kids!!!
Scott Cohen

Scott was certainly the best known actor at the Festival to me. I've seen him in dozens of roles and have even watched some of his movies. In person, he is also a really nice guy. He kept Sandra enthralled at lunch and all of us a dinner. You can visit his IMDB listing by clicking here.

A view from the top of the world.

(This photo should have gone in the preceding section but I forgot to allow space. If you close your eyes, you can imagine Scott looking out at the view over your right shoulder,)

The Final Event
After all is said and done, the sayers and doers go eat. A good time is had by all as evidenced with these photos.

The group photo is self explanatory, although it is notable because Sandra is smiling on the first try. The one on the right... only Linda can explain.



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