Our Favorite Preggers Daughter visits
April 4-7, 2007

OK, yes, it's true that I used a "News At Eleven!" teaser photo on the index. But it is true... yep, that's right... our favorite pregnant daughter... also our favorite younger daughter ("Your only younger daughter, dad...) Jeannine came down for the end of the Passover vacation. I'm not sure what went on for the first two days but for the last two, we went to the movies, ate, came home, ate, went out, ate, peed, ate, drank, peed some more, ate, and then went to the airport. That's the way it was. Here are some photos from the trip to the beach and the police chase that ended in the kids back yard.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

We went to Fashion Valley for a movie on Friday. Afterwards, we got frozen yogurt. Unfortunately, nobody looks like they are having fun except me. I didn't eat the yogurt. I just got frozen.
We took a walk on the OB Pier.
San Diego Police found out that Damian was on his day off and he and Alex were bored. They chased a robber who crashed into Tim's truck. The guy jumped out and ran into the back yard where an officer kicked the fence down and caught the guy. Really. I wouldn't kid you. Well, not much, anyway.



There's a story here somewhere but you have to call Diana for the details.

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