Neen's 2007 Birthday
January 14, 2007

This year we only had a day to celebrate due to the goofy show schedule. Diana went to Napa with Neen and Sharon so she had an entire weekend but all I got was chopped liver and Chinese food. Well, breakfast, too, and a walk along the Marina. Oh, go look at the photos and you'll see.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

This is a "First". Everybody is smiling.

Our Birthday Girl.

Our Birthday Girl's city.

SF's version of "Dog Beach".

Photo with photographer. It was a nice

Just before we were getting ready to leaf and go home. (Did he really say that?)

Daisy in SF. If you know Daisy you'll get it.


These are very complicated photos of an interesting scene. You need to look very closely at the entire tableau to get the many jokes in here.

This was the group at breakfast on Sunday at the Dipsea Cafe.

Char looking particularly dipsea.

Me with my favorite younger daughter, aka "The Birthday Girl".


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