Mike Marois does the Full Monte!
and Marc makes videos.
June 24, 2007

Ok, let's count the guys I've welcomed to the ranks of cigar smokers... Marc Rossi, Alex Lukoff, Daryl Dawson, Herm Dustman, Damian Davila, and now, (drum roll, please) Mike Marois!

Mike has been a fixture at Guys with Guns events from the beginning and has never had a cigar. Given that cigars are both fundamental and foundational elements of the entire concept and that he designed the GWG logo, it seems almost inconceivable that Mike has not ever smoked a cigar. But, regrettably, that is true. Or, more specifically, it WAS true.

This afternoon, Mike smoked not only his first cigar but he went the Full Monty! (Montecristo, that is.) He had my last Montecristo Villanueva in a glass tube. I knew I was saving it for a special occasion and today was as special an occasion as a guy can get!

Welcome to the ranks of cigar smokers, Mike. No matter how many or few you smoke in your lifetime, I hope every one is an enjoyable experience. 

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

Mike gets in the spirit of things and shows you the cedar wrap of his cigar.

Marc is smoking a Monte Platinum. I had a Monte White. It was a Full Monte afternoon.
EOS port is the best port to drink when you are having a Temple Hall Maduro. Really. Trust me... we really know Temple Hall and we really know Port.
(You might even say we are Port Authorities.)
Marc has been converting his massive video collection to DVD. It is a monumental job. He has only done a thousand. He has several hundred more to go.

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