Michelle visits San Diego
August 11, 2007

Michelle has been teaching little minds for the summer, between having her own mind stuffed full of business, liberal arts and the normally boring stuff that college freshwomen have to endure in order to attain the degree that attracts their attention. I felt sorry for her and gave her an early birthday present, a two week trip to California to see her cousins in San Diego and San Francisco (now Berkeley). Here are a few photos of her adventures.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

Boat ride to Coronado
For only 3 bucks, you can take a 20 minute tour of San Diego bay and go to Coronado for lunch or dinner. We parked by the Maritime Museum and walked down to the boat. Three bucks and some Thai food later, we rode back to the pier and went home. Here are scenes from the trip.
La Jolla Cove and the Great Snorkling Adventure
One of the things Michelle had on her list was to snorkle. Since this is California not Hawaii, there are few places to go so we found ourselves at La Jolla Cove along with a few hundred other swimmers. I gave Michelle my Nikon underwater camera and she got some very good photos. This was her first time as an underwater photographer.
This was my idea. I needed to test some .45 reloads before finishing my loading for the year and Michelle was curious about guns. I have a nice, easy to learn 22 cal with a scope. She took to it naturally. As we always say, the proof is on the paper.

This was her first twenty rounds at 15 yards. A big, big WOW!!!

I made it a little harder on her and moved the target back to 20 yards. Still very good.

Finally, we put the pedal to the metal and moved her all the way back to the 25 yard line. Still great groups.

I also gave her a chance to shoot the .357 using .38 special ammo.
Michelle Shooting Video  

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