June 2007- Various Things
June, 2007

There are a few assorted things that happened in June that wouldn't fit on an entire page so this page is for those things. Scenes from the SAAGNY show, NSA Midwest Week, etc... Some of these are only of interest to my traveling bud's ... so this is for you, bud.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

A good story behind this photo. Cindy and Mark are in the back row. We travel together. We met at the Mall of America on Saturday night to have dinner.

Afterward, we walked around to work off the meal. Stopped in at Godiva for a little something and met this couple who became engaged that day. I bought them a truffle to celebrate the event.

 (They didn't want to take the gift but Cindy held them down while Mark and I forced candy on them. )

The Godiva girls had a laugh at the antics of their customers.

Cindy and Mark before the chocolate incident.

Joan and Pat at the SAAGNY show.

Bruce and Jan at Hackney's in Glenview.

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