Joe and Seren's 2oth Anniversary Party
December 30, 2007

Just goes to show you, give someone a reason to have a party and they will stay married for 20 years. What is truly amazing, though, is that the cat was born 9 months after they got married. (I just dare you to say something... go ahead... I double dare you... )

The party was really nice, as are the celebrants. Way to go, kids... keep on being Joe and Seren. We love ya.

(Click on the little pictures to see the big picture.)

The happy couple.

Curly looks happy.

Seren has cool sox.

Some of the revelers. Tomorrow is Herm's birthday. Say "Hi" if you see him in the airport.

Usually the cat gets belled but in this case it was DJ.

This group is discussing Seren's penis plant.

Joe has to be half in this bag all the time.

The trophy's are for being half in the previous bag most of the time.

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