Joe Huston Hurt while Saving The Whales!
May, 2007

You know that Joe has become one of the premier tour guides at Sea World. You know that he is as happy as a dolphin in heat because he gets free beer (oops, sorry, free product). You know that he is a wealth of in and mis information. What you don't know is that he was pressed into service to try and save the lost whales in the Sacramento River.

Yep... the California Department of Blubber called Sea World and asked for help. It seems that all the attempts to guide the whales went for naught. Those two tourists simply could not get back to the ocean waters and the authorities felt that they needed a really good tour guide to guide them back to the beach. So Sea World sent Joe up to try and help.

It seems that Joe has felt jealous of the trainers who get the chance to become whale food. Since he can't swim worth a darn, getting pulled down by Shamu is out of the question. So Joe went north, jumped into the water to walk backwards and guide the whales down the river and the next thing he knew, he tripped over an errant manatee or something and fell into the muck and broke his wrist. The rest of the story is, as they say, total, complete and utter bull shit. Only the cast is real.

Also, take a trip down memory lane with the ski accident. Click here.

(Really, I wouldn't Huston you. Really. I wouldn't.)

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The first story on the ABC website.

The second story on the ABC website.

The famous two toned cast.

Joe is in remarkably good spirits for an injured man.

"This is way better than the scar from my surgery."

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