Ilana Mysior's Final Public Concert
June 1, 2007

Wow... we often hear the phrase, "The end of an era" but it seldom hits us hard in a personal way. Tonight it does. I cannot imagine not seeing Ilana on stage at the church with the New Sinfonia orchestra. Some of the most memorable moments in San Diego music have involved her. She is simply one of the photos on the dictionary page beside the word "Talent". Tonight, however, she says will be her last public concert. I understand why she feels this way and I support her but I'm still sad. I'm going to try and do something I've not tried... I'm posting the final movement of the final concert. It is an mp3 recording of the Rondo; Allegro from the Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1. It is a pretty large file, about 11 megabytes. I hope it works because if you weren't there, you missed a heck of a performance.

Thanks, Ilana, for all the wonderful music over the last twenty years.

(I will also post some movies and some other photos later this week when I get a chance to process the files.)

The 3rd movement    

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