Daryl's Birthday Tattoo
April 26, 2006

Daryl decided to change his appearance with body art just in time for his birthday. Turning 70 isn't for wimps... trust me, I watched. This makes most the usual mid-life crisis look prosaic and boring in comparison. (I did a movie that I will post as soon as the computer starts running faster a little later.)

Watching Chris El do his art is inspiring. He was very professional and a calming influence. While Daryl didn't need it, I did.

Vivi and Daryl with Chris El, the artist who did the work.

This is Immortal Art.

The first thing is to reexamine the art.

Then, Daryl has to guarantee that he isn't sunburned, drunk or ugly.

This was sitting on the table next to Chris' studio. It is a patent application for a tattooing machine.

The first job is to transfer the art to Daryl's skin.

Chris then peels the stencil from the skin.

Daryl and Vivi examine the placement and size.

Daryl is ready for the tattooing.

Chris makes his own needles and is a super clean-freak... a welcome preoccupation.

He mixes the ink colors and stages his ink holders,

... assembles the tattooing machine and

...the work begins. He outlines the design with black ink while Vivi watches.

Vivi is getting into the process.

The design is done. Now the colorful part starts.

That isn't blood. It's just color. It wipes off and everything is fine. I'm not even queasy.

After the color work, it is time to cover the work for a while.

No pain, no strain, no problem, mate.
Cover it for an hour and the unveiling can occur.

Pretty cool, huh!

Pictures from the party.

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