Daryl Kicks Butt!!!

Yeah, I know that I could have called this page something more dignified befitting Daryl's reputation and character but hey, it's me writing this. Daryl kicked some serious trap bootie at the Autumn Grand, a very major tournament. And, he convincingly kicked it.

The last time he won a trophy (a Kachina Doll) he did it with a 94. This time, he won an entire Class with a (gasp...) (envy) (wow!) 99. There is only one score that can beat a 99 and that is a 100. In a fell swoop (whatever the heck that is) he won a very nice bag, a 25 Straight patch and a 50 Straight patch (as well as the admiration and adulation of me).

Click here to see the last time he appeared on the site for shooting: Daryl in 2003

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

Daryl and I have been shooting the Autumn Grand for the last four years.

After he shot the 99 he had to share with someone and the someone had to be Vivi.

He gets a very nice patch to sew on his shooting vest. He actually has two patches on the vest now... a 25 Straight and a 50 Straight. There is enough room for his 100 Straight (which will come soon, I'm sure).

I meant to get a photo of him in the vest with the patches on but we had to go shoot handicap (an entirely different story) and I got distracted.

(How many ADD men does it take to change a light bulb?

"Hey... wanna shoot some trap?)

See at the bottom? There is Daryl, the Class D Winner.

He took second in his Category so he took the Class D win for the prize.

(A very long story that I don't truly understand. I did attempt to get him the clock but it was just not to be this year.) 

Before he could get his prize, Jerrie had to determine which prize he would take, the Class or the Category.

Jerrie awards him the bag. He will also get his picture in Trap and Field Magazine.

(Go try to find it next month. It will be worth it!)

It is not every day that you get a bag and a kiss in an award ceremony. It is even more rare that someone with a camera is there to catch it!
Here is the Leader Board. He isn't number 3, that is just how the shooters finished. He is definitely number 1 in our book.

He is definitely number 1 in Class D.

There was a substantial difference between Dawson and Wisch, far more than the 7 target score. He really dominated this event.

(I am also a Class D shooter but have to shoot in Class B because the Tucson Trap and Skeet Club has my name on the "Let's Just Screw This Guy" list every year.)


The Tournament voted this woman the winner of the Most Coordinated Outfit Prize.

Either she dressed to match her dog or she dyed the dog to match her outfit. Either way, she was the style leader and I had to post these photos.


(Lest you misunderstand, this is a real accomplishment. Shooting 99 out of 100 is very difficult. The best I've ever done is 94 and that kicked my butt.)

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