Ashley's First Haircut!
December 9, 2007

It wasn't time for her first haircut but nobody told Ashley. She set out to find a stylist who she trusted and while looking, took a glance in the mirror. There, she spied the one she trusted! So she picked her tools, made a plan and executed it. Unfortunately, she didn't clear it with the Boss so she had a little "Come to Daddy" meeting. There is more to be learned from this but that will have to wait until later. Under the photos is the whole story.


This is what she used to look like before Saturday.


Mom sent this email:

Hi All,

I hope you are having a nice Hanukkah or else gearing up for a merry Christmas. 

You all remember Ashley's beautiful hair?  Well she decided to give herself a haircut last night and the pictures are of how it turned out.  Damian and I are a little devastated.  I know! I know! It is just hair and will grow back, but it was sooo beautiful.  I have been crying since she went to bed last night.  Apparently, per Jeannine, self haircuts is right on developmentally, and it could be a lot worse-it's only hair.  Her Personality is greater than her hair, but, I'm still really sad by it. 

So....Please send growing hair thoughts and here is proof to show her when she is 16 and would be embarrassed by this.  When we can all laugh at the funny haircut she gave herself, when it isn't so raw.  I just needed your "Ah, poor mommy!"  Also this is so you don't freak out when you see her in person :)  I still need to put on a happy face to protect her little ego.  She is not completely happy with it.  But I don't think she'll do that again. 

I'm done now, Catharsis is complete.  Thank you for reading!

Big Hugs from the Davilas


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