Antonio Aprea
October 12, 2007

We were walking through the Italian section of Busch Gardens Virginia and stopped in the Capodimonte shop. We have a few pieces of these exquisite painted ceramic flowers at home since I first saw them at the Sheraton Tulsa Hotel gift shop many years ago. I was traveling with NSA and the shop was closing out their inventory. I bought DJ a rose.

I guess that I figured that it was just another Chinese import until today. We had the chance to meet one of the artists who crafts these masterpieces and we bought one of his pieces. Capodimonte is both a place and a style of painting. doesn't speak of the floral artwork and they should. These pieces are exquisite.

Antonio Aprea is one of the Italian Master Painters specializing in creating better than life flowers. He is currently painting at Busch Gardens Williamsburg to demonstrate the art of painting these pieces. The flowers are sculpted from porcelain clay and artists like Antonio make them into treasures.

Click here to see his Busch Gardens page.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the BIG picture.)

A movie of him creating the piece we purchased.

Movie part 2

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