Happy Birthday, hoe, hoe, hoe!
May 25-27, 200

I was away on a sales trip when I got a call from Diana telling me that poop was coming up from the shower drain. That is not a good sign. Barry was staying over and he said that we had a serious problem. He was right.

When I got home, I called Scott Tipton, the plumber who installed the tankless water heater, and asked him to come over. He did. Because we couldn't find the cleanout (which turned out to be in the back of the house behind a plant stand) Scott dug down and installed a cleanout for the house. We called a friend of his and proceeded to chew the end off an auger sewer cleaning snake. This is also not a good sign. Next, we called around to see how much it would take to fix and got estimates between $11,000 and really expensive, most of which was to dig the hole and find the pipe.

I decided to do it myself over the Memorial Day Weekend since I only had to rent the backhoe for one day and got three days to use it. I also rented a concrete saw and started to dig the hole after reading backhoe instructions on the Internet, (The rental place doesn't give you instructions or ask if you know what you're doing. Wheeeeee!!!)  and after Damian and Tim yanked up the concrete slab and dug most of the hole.

Three days later, after destroying most of Diana's garden, we had a hole, as well as a whole lot of dirt. We found the sewer pipe buried under the old walkway and fixed the problem. It was a lot of fun and we only did $200 in uninsured damage to the backhoe but we saved $7,000 in the process!

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