Visible Dust Sensor Brush(tm)
February 18, 200

Dust sucks. It ruins your lungs, makes your knicknacks look bad and really screws up digital images and scans. I don't know how to keep dust off of my scans but I know how to remove it from my digital camera sensors. Perhaps the best $123.00 I have spent on digital photography is the amount I spent on the Visible Dust Sensor Brush camera sensor cleaning kit. It has a little battery operated spinner, two brush holders and two different cleaning brushes. It works, although you may need to do it a few times. Everything I know about it is on the links:

General Camera Sensor Cleaning Article (A MUST read): Click Here

Rob Galbraith Sensor Brush review: Click Here

Sensor Brush(TM) Instructions on the Visible Dust Web Site: Click Here

BH Photo Sensor Brush Kit: Click Here

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

D2H sensor before and after images

D2H before cleaning

D2H after 1 pass

D2H after 2 passes

D2H after 3 passes

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