22nd Wedding Anniversary and 4th of July Party at Wendy and Mark's place
July 4, 200

For the first time in eight years, we celebrated the 4th at someplace other than Toni and Allen's. Of course, it wasn't a total shock to the system because Diana's friend Wendy invited us to her place for food, fun and fireworks. It was similar to T&A's since Mark and Wendy are also lawyers (or attorney's, I'm not sure which) and we were made welcome. (Another nice crowd thanks to my wife, without whom, I would have no social life whatsoever.)

One major difference is that Wendy and Mark live downtown instead of on a mountaintop in El Cajon. Another is that there is no group shot. (My fault... I'm not a take charge kind of guy around legal talent, except for Toni and Allen or Charlie and Fran. I've known them long enough to enthusiastically kick around.)

And, as has happened for the last 22 years, there were fireworks to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Also, everyone had a good time, yet again. Thanks Wendy and Mark!

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)


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