Walter's Birthday
July 29, 200

If you can believe the t-shirt, Walter Ostosh is 92. Well, not officially, but close. His birthday is next month but the party is today because the food is ready. So don't wait for the real day... grab a brew and hack off a hunk and celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!!!!

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The food is so heavy, it takes two guys to lift the lid.

This is what a smoker pit looks like after all the smoke is gone.

I'm not sure what is behind me but with the look on Don's face, I think I'm in trouble.

More cameras that the law should allow. But then, it is Walter's place, after all, and cameras rule the day.

Perhaps the smoker pit rules the day.

Brian has a knife and a Jekle/Hyde grin.

Oh, wait, never mind... he's just going to hack up the meat.

How can you not love people who have beer coming out of a wall?!

If you didn't know that Janet loves her son and her brother you'd think someone was in imminent danger.

Yep, more cameras.

Happy Birthday, Walter.
(Nice family, dontchathink?)

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