Marc takes us on a Segway tour of Coronado
June 29, 200

Marc found an ad about a tour of Coronado Island on the Segway personal transportation machine. This is a computer controlled contraption that scares the hell out of you for the first five minutes. Then it becomes one of the really cool items in the world. Norman Funk and his sidekick, Chris, taught us how to ride it, turn it, walk it and tame it. Then  they took us on a tour of the city for almost two hours. Very, Very, Very Cool. We suggest you do it.

Contact them at: Segway Of Coronado - 112 "C" Avenue - Coronado, CA 9211? - Tele: 619-522-9011, Fax: 619-522-0642 -
Norman C. Funk - email:
See them on the Web:

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

We start with a safety movie. Boring but necessary. We learn all the ways to tip over and fall. Can't wait. Yeah, sure.

Marc is our leader and ring leader. Judy is happy only because she doesn't know what awaits her.

Diana thinks she is being cute. She is trying to discourage my taking pictures of her.

Payback's a bitch when you have a wide angle lens and barrel distortion.
(Don't mess with me... I know where you live and where you sleep.)

Chris is in charge of the safety demonstration. Judy is the first test subject. Eventually both Chris and Judy will solo.

Judy is getting the hang of this. I decided not to post the one where she looks terrified.

Mike is learning how to stop fast.

We are being taught how to take our Segway's for a walk.

Mine stopped at a fire hydrant and yellow hydraulic fluid leaked out. Or maybe it leaked out of the operator. I'm not sure.

Everybody has a comment when you drive by. Most of them want to know if they can do it, too.

(You can. Just give Norm a call. The number is above the photos.)

We get to see a number of really nice views of the city.

Along the way, Norm stops and delivers a travelogue.

We got through the entire day without an injury to us or bystanders. This is a testimony to Chris and Norm's training.

My tour mates have more stamina than I. They can stand stationary while I have to get off to rest my legs.

Mike really should know better than to do this. The shutter button is apparently faster than good judgment and self control.

We even get to go off-road. I got to use the Red Key! It was pretty cool.

It's just like driving on the highway. There is always one jerk who is on a cell phone not paying attention.

Like all good projects, this one ended with dinner at a good restaurant.

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