Randie Farish and Sea Quest
October 11, 200

We met Randie in 1996 on our first trip to The Big Island. He came to Kona in 1986 and started the first zodiac boat tour company in Hawaii. In 1996, we just got lucky and took his tour. (He was a very interesting fellow who was a little larger than life, and I don't mean size.) We took Sea Quest again in 1998 with Sandra and Ed and had an equally great time. Then, in 2005 we took Tom and Donna but Randie had sold the business a few years before and wasn't available. So, we went with Craig and had a great time yet again. Click here to see photos.  Also, The Sea Quest Website. (They have a photo album but mine is way, way cooler.)

This year, Randie is back leading tours. We chartered his boat and again, he didn't disappoint. It was one of the real high points of any vacation, any time, anywhere. Here is the story:

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The obligatory Group Photo. Randie in the center, Char and Fran to the right and DJ and Nowell to the left.
(this is why I love my 10.5 fisheye!)

He points out lots of interesting scenery.
(a way better photo than the cheesy back shot on their website.)

The Kona Coast behind DJ.

A view out of one of the caves he takes you into.

Char retrieves Fran's hat. She tried to get rid of it again later in the day.
The Big Dolphin Adventure

Randie heard one of his friends on the radio and off we went, a couple of miles off shore, to see a pod of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of spotted dolphins. It was a wild and crazy ride and we got great photos, which is the entire focus (get it?) of this site.  Randie said, "It looks like a good day to be a dolphin." He was right. It was a good day to be human, too.

The start of the Big Dolphin Adventure.

Randie's head was on a swivel showing us where to look.

"Dolphins to the right of me...

... dolphins to the left of me...

dolphins behind me..."
... dolphins under the sea...
(pretty darned cool, dontchathink?! Randie had the idea to hold the camera underwater while we were moving.)

...leaping dolphins

...acrobatic dolphins

...surfing dolphins

...swimming dolphins

... and dolphins just being dolphins.
Snorkeling Shots

While sightseeing is cool, snorkeling is the reason for the season. If you ain't agonna snorkel, don't spend the money.

Hi from me.

Char loves the Beatles. You can understand why from this photo. As you view it, sing the following chorus:
"I am the egg man,
We are the egg men,
I am the walrus.
Coo coo ca choo"

My turtle buddy.

Scuba people. Kind of cool to watch from above.


Randie called this "Tang Rock".

(I think he was just pulling my fin.)

Hi from DJ.

This is the scary rock.

(It is called something else but I forgot the name. Go take Sea Quest and find out for yourself.) 

Well, sometimes a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.  Ask Char why he has such a relieved look on his, well, his face.

(Go on... ask him. I dare you.)

(OK, young guys, this is who you get to ride with when you're not with your parents.)

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