Padres vs. Cubs
May 5, 2006

I wore my Cubs hat for a while but took it off because it got in the way of the camera. Joe took me to the game because Sandra wasn't up to it since she had just returned from Israel. We saw a great game and the Padres won in the 11th inning. Joe took photos with his brand new Nikon 18-200 DX lens. I took my 80-200.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Joe and Nowell.

Joe ponders the VR function of his new Nikon 18-200 VR.

I don't like it. It is too little and light. How can you trust a lens that doesn't give you neck strain?

She is a Padres fan and he is a Cubs fan. What do you think is happening on the field at this moment?

These guys were in our row. They were also happy about something.

This is what a striking out Cub looks like.

When we win, we get fireworks.

When they win, they dance.

The winning run at the plate.

Hey... let's celebrate, or Let's celibate.

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