Kim gets Married!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 28, 200

The Official Unofficial Portrait
(click on little picture to see the big picture)

I'd love to give you lots of information but I don't know much. Kim introduced us to Ke at the Huston Labor Day Bash (click here to see) but I didn't pay attention so I don't know Ke's last name or any of the details. (It really doesn't matter, though, since the only one we really give a s... about in the relationship is Kim, anyway. Oh, don't get me wrong... Ke's a nice guy but he is Kim's husband and we all know that husbands don't matter in most relationships. If you don't believe me, ask me, Joe or Ke... we'll tell you..) I offered to come and do the video so that's why there are not too many photos here. The video is awesome, however.

Without question, the best wedding I ever attended. Hopefully the photos will give you an idea of why. Trust me, you missed a helluva event.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Joe sent me these photos:
My Photos:

I don't know any of these people but Batman was one of the Best Men. Robin isn't a man but she ain't bad, either.

DJ with David, the brother of the bride, who, you may notice, is not in the spirit of the wedding. He is dressed like a nerd, which is, well, never mind.

DJ and Kim... both Wonder Women.

(Lots of photos of DJ for a few reasons... first, she is, with the possible exception of the bride,  the best looking woman in the group. Secondly, she is my boss so she gets top billing.)

These guys weren't in the wedding. They tried to pick my wife up in the bar.

She came back aglow from the incident. We went back and took this photo as the guys whispered, "You didn't tell you husband, did you?"

She said, "Of course! You made my year!"

The Huston side of the aisle.

The Dawson side of the aisle.

This was the group starting to assemble for the Official group photo.

Slowly but surely we are getting it together.

You get the idea of what the waiting room at the chapel looked like.

One of the unofficial Official Group photos.

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