Huston's Barker Street Bash
September 3, 200

We have been recording this event for as long as we have been recording this event. This year is no exception, with a few exceptions. First, we are posting questionable photos, unlike in the past. Second, we turned the photo duties over to Alex and let him record the "little people" and some of the big people.

Pithy captions will follow, later this week.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Nowell's photos of the evening.

1/2 a host.

Our host make a point.

In keeping with "Pirates of the Caribbean," we have a Booty Pile

'got to hand it to the Red Hat girls... they do look fine.
Photos from Alex's Point of View

Joe cannot believe that I would let my seven year old grandson use a $2500 dollar camera. Sheesch, he's used my $4000 dollar one. This is way, way cheaper. Here are the results of Paparazzi Alex view of the evening.


Who is this kid and why does he love his fingers so much?

Joe does not what his photo taken.

Neither does Kim's fiancÚ, who's name I cannot remember this morning.

Tough tootsies, Joe... I taught Alex to be patient and stalk the subject.

Sometimes it backfires, though, and you get a scary guy like this!

... or this!

Mike and I are wearing shirts given to us by Joe and Herm.

Sing it... "Grab some booty, Grab some booty!"

(Not that kind, you sick person! Sheesch... what were you thinking?)



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