Hawaii 2006
October 8-16, 200

This year's Hawaii guests are Charlie and Fran. We've never traveled with them before, other than to Petaluma and the Cheese Factory. This is the record of our trip:

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

General Stuff

The bottom row are photos that Char took. It is the first time there are photos of  Nowell, courtesy of Charlie.

"Life is short... eat dessert first."

The best t shirt I've ever seen.

Char working on his calluses.

Starting out in the morning slowly.

"Hi" from me.

Char and Fran Cousteau say "Hi"

That's OK... I have better photos than this.

See, I told you so. But, I won't embarrass Fran until later.
Sea Quest

A great day at sea with Sea Quest. Reef fish, dolphins and Randie Farish.

Sea Quest Adventure
Kim and Olga Sweeney

Besides an interesting evening, you will see sights that you can never see again since the earthquake.

An evening at the Sweeney's
Volcano - still cool as he... well, you know.

That little white speck in the top photo is the place that our group is at in the bottom photo.

Lava from 10 miles away.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters tour

We take a two hour tour on a helicopter.
The Hawaii Earthquake

On Sunday morning, October 15, at about 7:08 am, I dragged Diana from the bathroom to the doorway as the condo started violently shaking from a 6.8 earthquake. She strained her neck as I took a brief pause to drag her outside onto the lawn so we wouldn't get crushed if the building came down.

Twenty seconds later, when the shaking subsided, we took a chance and went in to see what damage might have appeared. Five minutes later, a second quake happened and we did it all again. I'll post some links to Hawaii websites that will give you the complete story but it was quite an experience.

The fixture swung completely around and hit the wall and bent one side.

We had food to eat so we set up breakfast outside since all the lights were off and we were concerned about the building collapsing.

Char multitasks... phone, french toast and sunbathing.

Our resort staff looks a little shell shocked, dontchathink?

So do our guests.

The Hilton staff is evacuated.

... as are the Hilton guests.

We have to walk into the airport.

This is the check in line for a departure that will not take place for two more days.

Rocks on the road from the quake.

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