Little Faux's On The Hillside
January 8, 200

Remember the song? Well sing this to the same tune: "Little Faux's, on the hillside, Little Faux's grillin' steakee steakee's, Little Faux's, Little Faux's, Little Faux's in a row... There are Faux's, There are Baida's, There's McCoy and the Mancari's also Wisch with the cameras. The Little Faux's are having some friends to their home." Or, something like that.

Barb and Bob (or Bob and Barb, if you so choose) had us over for dinner at the new Faux Family Estate in St. George, Utah. Here is the proof that a good time was had by all. (Pithy comments to follow.)

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Barb and dog.

The Baida's and The Faux's.

Lorraine, Ray, Bob, Brian and Barb.

"Hi, I'm Brian McCoy and I'm damn'd glad to see ya!"

Bob and dog.

"Hi, come on in!"

But first, check out the view.

It doesn't get tiring looking out of this window.

There is a story to thing bed. You will have to ask someone else. I'm pledged to silence.

Barb conducts another 50 cent tour.

See the little blue dot in the cement? It is supposed to be a swimming pool. I think it is really an out door bathtub.

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