Dallying with the Dawson's
February 5, 200

Crazy world we live in, dontchathink? The Dawson's live in Phoenix and we were doing a show in Phoenix. Whodathought?

Naturally we spent a few days visiting and sightseeing. Also, smoked a cigar or two and had some good meals. Don't believe us? Well, here is the proof!

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Chess, y'all?

Nary a cloud in the sky.

Nary a spot on the grass.

Nary a bee in the bonnet.

Nary a pear on the prickle.

Nary a flee on the nose.

The only way to catch Daisy in repose is at 1/750th of a second.

Guess where we had dinner?

Old Coot.


Vivi making social commentary.

Big fuzzy weenie.


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